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Apple Finally Removed Most of Clone and Spam Apps

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Apple started its mission of cleaning up the App Store last year. Since then, they have removed hundreds of thousands of them. Recent reports claim that Apple is also planning on clone and spam apps the App Store, apart from dormant and 32-bit apps. Clone apps are not good for the company – it is losing a lot of money and the users are not satisfied how these apps work.


New rule


You all know that there is App Store Review Guidelines with rules about different stuff. These rules are pretty complex and serious and they are created by the best lawyers. There is one new rule 4.2.6.which claims that applications created from a commercialized template or app generation service are going to be rejected.

TechCrunch claims that this wouldn’t imply that apps and development suites are under attack by the company, but that the suits are mostly safe and that Apple is not trying to kill tools that allow you to use apps without knowledge of the code. They also claim that the company wants to go after apps that clone functionalities or feature nearly the same interfaces.

The main goal is to weight down all apps that copy others using a one-click template. The most famous app of this type is one that came after Flappy Bird. This game made a huge success so they could expect this to happen.

This new rule is not totally new because there was always ’do not clone’ statement in the App Store Review guidelines, but this one is more explicit and strict.


Cheap junk


Apple made important decision to be more stringent and to control more things available on the App Store. The number of cheap junk apps increased in the recent past years. All of them use basic templates for creating knock-off versions of paid and there were consequences. Many popular apps have gone off the charts.

Music is also huge problem. Music apps that stream illegal content make a quick buck. The problem is the number of these apps – there are hundreds of them. The way how they work is not complicated at all – they spread illegal, pirated content so it is harder to track them down one by one. Finding or retiring them is serious work.

Apple has already removed hundreds of thousands of apps from App Store. They deleted clone apps and 32-bit apps, as always.


No fear


The conclusion is that assembly suits and app-creation tools do not have anything to worry about when it comes to new rules. Things are a bit different if they are pumping out identical or nearly identical apps – they can expect to be deleted as soon as possible.

People who are ‘making apps for other people’ should look out for account listings. You should not do that under your own account. The best thing you can do is to separate accounts for every entity. There are always grey areas where many games from different creators can be published but the question is who will support it.



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