Our top list: Best editing video software to buy in 2017

It does not matter if you are a professional video editor or just an amateur in video editing: you want to edit your video the best way possible. With videos, we enjoy, we share and make some memories that are about to last forever. But what do we need? What is necessary in addition to knowledge, ability and creativity? The answer is: we must have the best possible video editing software to do this. You are using a smartphone, DSLR or a point-and-shoot camera and you want this software to help you with highlighting and sharing the footage with the whole world. How will you decide which video editing software is the best one for you? It all depends on the type of your computer, the money you have, but also what exactly you need to edit. 


Now we will give you our top list of video editing software in the hope that you will find exactly the one that is perfect for your needs. 

By our opinion, these are the best, so we recommend: 


Best Overall: 


Premiere 15 is considered as a pared-down version of Adobe’s Premiere Pro. This one is such a great video editor. People love it’s work environment and all the criticisms are mostly positive. It can be used by someone who is pro and someone who is just an amateur in video editing. Of course, the differences will be noticed in the results of the work, but each amateur can progress and become professional one day. It takes will, effort effort and watching tutorial constantly. Besides youtube tutorials, much can be learned from written documentation, also. Once you import media, the workflow is standard with organizing video clips into a timeline, applying any post-effects and then previewing or maybe publishing the final product. You can create an amazing video collages, enhance your audio, stabilize your video and similar basic things. And the one more important thing is: you are able to re-discover previously finished and draft products so, so easily. 


Cyberlink PowerDirector 15 Ultimate 


This one is best Video Editing Software for Windows (click here and head yourself to the article about the latest news about Windows)! Cyberlink PowerDirector 15 Ultimate is sopowerful video editing software. There are many youtube videos and documentation that can teach you how to use this program. This feature is an awesome one: end-to-end 360-degree video editing (yes, you have the whole control over every single little detail). Extreme Toolkit mode is useful for some sport videos and maybe weddings or even travelling. Dramatic depth is reached with TrueTheater color. This one has the unique Vertical Video Mode blends (format of the video– 9:16 ). 


Corel VideoStudio 


From the beginning of this article, we talked a lot about the beginners in video editing. Well, if you’re worried about being a beginner  – there’s no need anymore! This program is best for beginners and will make it easier for them to get to know everything about the editing. It is totally adapted to them. There is a support for 4K, 360-degree VR, multi-cam editing, and also a large library of royalty-free music. Full version offers you extra set of options, you’re gonna love it, trust us!  

These were our video editing software suggestions, based on our experience and knowledge. Choose the best for yourself. We wish you a lot of luck in editing your videos! 



My Business Web Systems

The establishment of this company happened in 2005 (by Syrinx Technologies LTD). They provide cutting edge, cloud based CRM. The main characteristics of their system – the MyBusiness system are the following: rapid performance, air-tight data security & user-friendly web UI. It offers total control over a client’s operations (and has such an amazing combination of CRM and Call center colutions). Their turnkey solution is highlz flexible and can be tailored by every enterprise to suit its individual requirements. The software comes with no additional costs (for some things such as upgrades interfaces, servers, hardware and similar) and it is avaiable in seconds, at any time and any place.  


This online CRM System is a software provider  which can also be called the leader software provider –  everything is done perfectly, it is at the top and represents the greatest competition to other software providers. The emphasis is also on maximizing profits: MyBusiness provides vital business insights designed to maximize the profitability of any operation, supplying in-depth data on current clients, potential leads, competitors, sales forecasts, contacts, services, products, marketing campaigns, contracts, work hours and project progress. They invest a huge amounts of effort and want to lead your business to success. Wanna sell more, serve better? Then CONNECT – this is your straight road to success. 

The thing that must be mentioned here is the founding of Simbla website. Simbla (by MyBusiness CRM – a leading CRM software provider) is for customers who are searching for CRM & website integration. You can read more about Simbla if you read the article about best blogging softwares. There are the facts about it such as what people use Simbla for, the price of it, demo video and some other things (you can learn more about blogging softwares, find many types of them and which softwares writers want today). For more details, head yourself there.  

MyBusiness FEATURES 


All the Key Features in MyBusiness CRM are the following: 

  • Inbound call center tools (Service) 
  • Document management 
  • Mobile interface 
  • Outbound call-center tools (Marketing and Sales) 
  • Sales management and Service management 
  • Generator for automatic rules Email/SMS says that problem was handled 
  • Flexibility in creating forms and fields   
  • Analyzing and setting sales targets   
  • Developer API 
  • Customer relationship management 
  • SLA management 
  • Report generator   
  • Leads, customers & contact management 
  • Web portal for end customer issues 
  • Dash boards 
  • Interaction with customer (Emails, tasks, meetings, phone calls, etc.) 
  • Web to lead (leads from website conception) 
  • Extensive authorization system   


Here is their official website: https://www.mybusiness-crm.com/
Here, you can find anything you want from them, the features, to check out demo, contact them or find support (if you need it). 



Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes You Must Try This Game!

We are talking about an amazing action-adventure stealth video game (which was developed by Kojima Productions & published by Konami). Released for the consoles: PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and  also Xbox One (release date: March 2014), and for Microsoft Windows via Steam (release date:December 2014) this game has shaken the players! This one is the eighth in the Metal Gear series and the game’s writer and designer is Hideo Kojima.  


The whole story is set in 1975 (this is actually the time after the events of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker) and it follows  Snake. Snake infiltrates himself in Camp Omega – an American dark location in Cuba. He wants to rescue Paz Ortega Andrade (Cipher agent) and Ricardo “Chico” Valenciano Libre (former Sandinista child soldier) and he is doing his best to save them. There are some new sneaking and traversal methods that the game offers. The missions can be selected in any order (so the story events take their places by this selection). The game was originally set to be released alongside The Phantom Pain, but then the project was nevertheless divided into two parts by the director Hideo Kojim. Dividing happened because of the extended development time and it was really necessary. All the criticisms were mostly very positive: mechanics, voice acting, story, and graphics, people loved it! 



You are the player who leads the main character (Snake) through the game map and you try to avoid all the enemies (they want to destroy you, but you must complete all of your missions!). There is  the threat detection system which is revamped, with the removal of the onscreen meter or gauge to indicate the player that they are in the ‘alert/evasion/caution’ state. Now, there is a visual and audio representations instead (unlike the predecessor’s). His binoculars are also much better in the new game. They are hot keyed to a button, you are not selecting them as an item like before. In the iDroid’s holographic display you can mark your enemies, be aware of their locations when they represent a danger to Snake. And this thing is pretty helpful, yeah. 


There are directional cues, made to help players (when an enemy sees them from a distance and is nearby to them, so, so close). A brand new “Reflex Mode” is also in this game. The mode goes ON when your enemy finds you. Then you have a short window of time (and it is in slow motion) to take out your enemy before he fully sounds the alarm. If you decide you can shot out the lights, also. When your main mission is completed, subsequent missions are going unlocked immediately. There are seven missions in total which are locked at individual levels. That would be all basic informations about the gameplay you should know first. 

Helpful youtube videos 


We will head you to the gameplay walkthrough video first (made of few parts, one video lasts about half an hour) :

They’ve also made PS4 vs. Xbox One Comparison video for this game. Ycan read the whole article, it’s very helpful when it comes to deciding which console is better to buy now. What are you waiting for? Start your Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes adventure today if you got interested in this awesome game! Enjoy the day! 


Best Blog Softwares: We Can Recommend The Following

First of all, we’re gonna define you what the blogging software actually is. Blogging software is the program that blogger uses to create blogs. The program is created to make this work as easy as possible for the writer. ‘Blogging software’ term can also be referred to as ‘blogging platform’ or also with the term ‘blog host’ (host – because many blogging software companies provide their blog hosting services) . You can use these blogging softwares easily on your PC, iPhone, Android or similar. There are numerous companies who offer blogging software and some of the softwares have been highlighted above all others as the most effective, the most popular and the best. Second thing for us to do would be describing them. This group includes the following: WordPress, Weebly, BlogIn, Writer basics, PopSurvey, Ghost, VYPER, Simbla, Storify, Wordable 

IT IS OUR TOP 10, let’s explain some details now: 




It is an online, open source website creation tool written in PHP and for sure is world’s most popular software for creating blogs & also websites. If you use WordPress for publishing on web, you are in some good company. Famous music sites, blogs (like Mashable and TechCrunch), celebrities, news outlets (The New York Times’ blogs and CNN’s on-air personality, for example) & similar are using this blogging software. One of the best facts about WordPress that can interest you first is it’s price – and it is totally FREE! Yeah! You can download it for free and enjoy your blogging with a smile on your face without spending your money.  





Weebly is used by the entrepreneurs, small business owners or anyone who would like to sell something online. Everything about this software is crystal clear after viewing the following video. Check out the video right here to get a closer look: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VlURuZWSoXw  




BlogIn is pretty simple internal blog. This one is such an amazing platform for knowledge sharing. It is great for any-sized team working together. The program improves internal communication, drives collaboration and boosts culture of the company. Check out BlogIn video here: 


Writer basics (by Microsoft) 


This one is great because the system enables companies to create their brand new blogs using HTML styles group! Also, we have to mention photo adding, Bing map and there are many other features.  




This is such a simple tool for creating your questionnaires. And your respondents’ll enjoy taking, trust us. PopSurvey is at your service if you want to make perfect polls. What are you waiting for? Open your account today if you need this type of blog software. Link to their official site is here: https://www.popsurvey.com/  



Ghost is an open source publishing system. This professional publishing and also hackable platform is for for building and running a modern online publication. Blogs, , journalists from Zappos to Sky News and magazines are powered by them. 

Head yourself to the Ghost with the following link of their official site: https://ghost.org/ 






If you are looking to generate more traffic & leads, VYPER is perfect for you then. This lead gen funnel tool uses viral marketing strategies to acquire leads at extremely affordable CPAs if not free! VYPER is here to help you in promoting your products and collecting e-mails. 

Check out their official youtube channel and some guides:


Simbla (by MyBusiness CRM – a leading CRM software provider) 


Simbla is based on bootstrap3. The software is an easy one to use, drag & drop. It’s most important features would be: highly secured hosting environment, SEO compatibility, App Market for managing your Blog & Products. By using Simbla you can create a database and also manage it in an all-in-one cloud based platform. Create your own website like a pro  without any coding skills. 

Check out Simbla website builder DEMO video here:

Don’t wait anymore, you can do it professionally with Simbla! 

Official website: https://www.simbla.com/ . Their templates are amazing. There is a free version. And version to be paid goes with the starting price: $6.00/month. You’re welcome, enjoy! 


Storify (by Livefyre) 


This system includes live blogging, SEO, hashtag campaigns, drag and drop content. Storify is pretty easy to use. It’s such a good way to aggregate posts, videos, URLs and some other things from all around the web (social media, webpages) and put them all together in some kind of story or even an annotated resource list. 

Tell us your story with Storify, try it right now: https://storify.com/ <- official website! It’s time for the best evergreen & live blog stories! Traditional storytelling is united with engaged audiences here! 





Starting price for Wordable is $19.00/month, but there is also a free version. The price of Wordable.io includes unlimited exports to unlimited WordPress sites. You can use the app to transfer blog posts from Google Docs to WordPress (with just the click of the button). With Wordable you are allowed to draft & collaborate in Google docs. You do the whole thing like you normally would and then you seamlessly import your posts into WordPress account. Link to the software: https://www.wordable.io/ <- Wordable’s official website! Instantly import your own posts! 


We’ve shown you our top ten blog software, try the type you need. Do your best and stay awesome! Go ahead, pro blogger!  


Joystick with games.

XBOX Live Gold Games of September 2017 Roundup

Here’s a quick roundup of all the games of Septembers from Xbox Games with Gold. Remember, all of these games can be bought on Xbox market but are free to those with an active Xbox Live Gold membership subscription which can be purchased on the Xbox official homepage, through the console or obtained by the gift card code generator.



  • Forza Motorsports (XBOX One)
    A real feast for eyes and ears for all of those playing this and who dared to dial the adrenaline up in Forza Motorsports 5. Get ready to drive over 100 cars over 17 original tracks +10 exclusive cars available through the Top Gear pack also awarded for the Xbox Live Gold members on first of September!
  • Hydro Thunder Hurricane (XBOX 360)
    Race your speedboats through insane scenario in Hydro Thunder Hurricane! Get ready to experience top speed racing over dozens of different tracks in multiple different gameplay modes as you hone your skills and dominate your friends in this local and online multiplayer high-speed racing arcade game!
  • Oxenfree (XBOX One)
    Next up we have OXENFREE. A a well written narrative game where you get to experience the paranormal as a late night turns weird after you’ve accidentally set supernatural forces free. Every choice you make will directly impact everyone involved leading you to one of many endings that this game allows you to experience. Which one will you get?
  • Battlefield (XBOX 360)
    Get ready for some carnage and destruction on September 16th in Battlefield 3! There is nonstop, heart pounding action in this already made classic first-person shooter game. Play through story driven single player missions or engage in huge scale multiplayer battles as you compete for dominance with other players from all around the world! If you’ve never played a battlefield game before, or you’ve been aching to experience the previous games


How to reddem XBOX Live Gold Membership Games?


All you have to do to gain access to these games is to have an active subscription on your Xbox account. You can subscribe by going to your and clicking on the “GOLD” icon on your XBOX ONE, XBOX 360 or even from a web browser by going to the official Xbox website.

You don’t have to do anything specific as your games will automatically appear in your ready to install section of your Xbox library.

You can choose to install one or all of them. If you don’t like a specific game or you think you wouldn’t enjoy it, you don’t have to install it but you’ll be allowed to keep it in case that you change your mind later.

For more XBOX news as well as other gaming related guides, coverages and updates, stay tuned to http://www.imaginet-software.com/.