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Flurry: Mobile Games Played Less Often, but More Time and Money Spent

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New studies showed that nowadays mobile users are playing games less often than before. On the other hand, they are much more money and time on each game.




If we are talking through the numbers, a 10% year-on-year decline in the number of sessions is noticed over the last year. The research was organized by the famous analytic firm Flurry.

This company is following more than 950,000 different applications that are installed on over 2.2 billion devices. The results showed that the average gamer spend 44 seconds more on gaming apps. The revenue has seen a 54% year-on-year growth.

Very interesting thing is that there is a clear divide between the categories of games. There is a big difference among them. Board and strategy, racing and sports games are increasing while role playing, casual, music and arcade games are noticeably declined. If you want exact numbers, this is how they look:

  • Board and Strategy games +29%
  • Racing games +26%
  • Sports games +9%
  • Cards and Casino Games +6%
  • Simulation games +3%
  • Family and Education games +2%
  • Action and Adventure games -5%
  • Brain games -10%
  • Arcade games -11%
  • Music games -22%
  • Casual games -23%
  • Role Playing Games -29%



Genre of the game is not the only important thing. There is also a divide between mobile phones and tablets when it comes to an average time spent on gaming.

If you play your favorite game on tablet you will probably spend about 4 minutes longer on every session than playing the same game on the phone. Average gaming session lasts about 10 minutes on tablets and about 6 minutes and 30 seconds on mobile phones.

The research taken by company SensorTower showed that the combined revenue on Android and iOS platforms increased from $7.8 billion in Q1 2016 to $11.9 billion in Q1 2017. This means that 53% rise is noticed.


Geographic predisposition


Mobile market is not the same everywhere – some countries are more developed than the others. The US is still top mobile market. 20% of all gaming sessions are played there. Right behind the US is India with 13%. All other countries around the world have a single-digit percentage. The average mobile gamer spends around 33 minutes on playing games every day.

Shocking fact is that heavy mobile users – users that are playing games more than 5 hours a week – in North America are female. More shocking is their age. They are not teenagers as you might expect, they are 38.6 years old. The situation is different and more acceptable when it comes to console gaming. The main console gamers are young men.

Part of the day is also important. Thing are changing every hour. Flurry’s reports claims that there is a steady peak of gaming on tablets in the morning. Later, people play games on their smartphones while they travel to work and they again use tablets in the evening, when they are home.

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