Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes You Must Try This Game!

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We are talking about an amazing action-adventure stealth video game (which was developed by Kojima Productions & published by Konami). Released for the consoles: PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and  also Xbox One (release date: March 2014), and for Microsoft Windows via Steam (release date:December 2014) this game has shaken the players! This one is the eighth in the Metal Gear series and the game’s writer and designer is Hideo Kojima.  


The whole story is set in 1975 (this is actually the time after the events of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker) and it follows  Snake. Snake infiltrates himself in Camp Omega – an American dark location in Cuba. He wants to rescue Paz Ortega Andrade (Cipher agent) and Ricardo “Chico” Valenciano Libre (former Sandinista child soldier) and he is doing his best to save them. There are some new sneaking and traversal methods that the game offers. The missions can be selected in any order (so the story events take their places by this selection). The game was originally set to be released alongside The Phantom Pain, but then the project was nevertheless divided into two parts by the director Hideo Kojim. Dividing happened because of the extended development time and it was really necessary. All the criticisms were mostly very positive: mechanics, voice acting, story, and graphics, people loved it! 



You are the player who leads the main character (Snake) through the game map and you try to avoid all the enemies (they want to destroy you, but you must complete all of your missions!). There is  the threat detection system which is revamped, with the removal of the onscreen meter or gauge to indicate the player that they are in the ‘alert/evasion/caution’ state. Now, there is a visual and audio representations instead (unlike the predecessor’s). His binoculars are also much better in the new game. They are hot keyed to a button, you are not selecting them as an item like before. In the iDroid’s holographic display you can mark your enemies, be aware of their locations when they represent a danger to Snake. And this thing is pretty helpful, yeah. 


There are directional cues, made to help players (when an enemy sees them from a distance and is nearby to them, so, so close). A brand new “Reflex Mode” is also in this game. The mode goes ON when your enemy finds you. Then you have a short window of time (and it is in slow motion) to take out your enemy before he fully sounds the alarm. If you decide you can shot out the lights, also. When your main mission is completed, subsequent missions are going unlocked immediately. There are seven missions in total which are locked at individual levels. That would be all basic informations about the gameplay you should know first. 

Helpful youtube videos 


We will head you to the gameplay walkthrough video first (made of few parts, one video lasts about half an hour) :

They’ve also made PS4 vs. Xbox One Comparison video for this game. Ycan read the whole article, it’s very helpful when it comes to deciding which console is better to buy now. What are you waiting for? Start your Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes adventure today if you got interested in this awesome game! Enjoy the day! 

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