More About Me


               Lucas Hilton, an engineer of animation and computer graphics: ,,I’m a thirty-year old man who was always attracted to computers. Indeed, I was always interested in everything about them, I gladly read everything about computers in my spare time, even as a little kid. In fact, when I was a boy, I have always imagined the future with more opportunities and better technology (and this is exactly what our present looks like). In addition, I imagined that future with much more entertainment in the form of video games.

My best friends and I have always been barely waiting to try out some new game on the new console. We all attended schools closely related to technical sciences, computers & animation. And we are still these boys inside the bodies of the men, who regularly research all the novelties related to gaming, consoles, devices, software, hardware, operating systems, everything. We want to help people who do not have enough free time to get too entangled in this story by making it easier for them to make decisions that are related to these things. So, I’m here with my team (my colleagues and best friends)  to provide you with the latest important informations about it all!”