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The establishment of this company happened in 2005 (by Syrinx Technologies LTD). They provide cutting edge, cloud based CRM. The main characteristics of their system – the MyBusiness system are the following: rapid performance, air-tight data security & user-friendly web UI. It offers total control over a client’s operations (and has such an amazing combination of CRM and Call center colutions). Their turnkey solution is highlz flexible and can be tailored by every enterprise to suit its individual requirements. The software comes with no additional costs (for some things such as upgrades interfaces, servers, hardware and similar) and it is avaiable in seconds, at any time and any place.  


This online CRM System is a software provider  which can also be called the leader software provider –  everything is done perfectly, it is at the top and represents the greatest competition to other software providers. The emphasis is also on maximizing profits: MyBusiness provides vital business insights designed to maximize the profitability of any operation, supplying in-depth data on current clients, potential leads, competitors, sales forecasts, contacts, services, products, marketing campaigns, contracts, work hours and project progress. They invest a huge amounts of effort and want to lead your business to success. Wanna sell more, serve better? Then CONNECT – this is your straight road to success. 

The thing that must be mentioned here is the founding of Simbla website. Simbla (by MyBusiness CRM – a leading CRM software provider) is for customers who are searching for CRM & website integration. You can read more about Simbla if you read the article about best blogging softwares. There are the facts about it such as what people use Simbla for, the price of it, demo video and some other things (you can learn more about blogging softwares, find many types of them and which softwares writers want today). For more details, head yourself there.  

MyBusiness FEATURES 


All the Key Features in MyBusiness CRM are the following: 

  • Inbound call center tools (Service) 
  • Document management 
  • Mobile interface 
  • Outbound call-center tools (Marketing and Sales) 
  • Sales management and Service management 
  • Generator for automatic rules Email/SMS says that problem was handled 
  • Flexibility in creating forms and fields   
  • Analyzing and setting sales targets   
  • Developer API 
  • Customer relationship management 
  • SLA management 
  • Report generator   
  • Leads, customers & contact management 
  • Web portal for end customer issues 
  • Dash boards 
  • Interaction with customer (Emails, tasks, meetings, phone calls, etc.) 
  • Web to lead (leads from website conception) 
  • Extensive authorization system   


Here is their official website: https://www.mybusiness-crm.com/
Here, you can find anything you want from them, the features, to check out demo, contact them or find support (if you need it). 


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