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XBOX Live Gold Games of September 2017 Roundup

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Here’s a quick roundup of all the games of Septembers from Xbox Games with Gold. Remember, all of these games can be bought on Xbox market but are free to those with an active Xbox Live Gold membership subscription which can be purchased on the Xbox official homepage, through the console or obtained by the gift card code generator.



  • Forza Motorsports (XBOX One)
    A real feast for eyes and ears for all of those playing this and who dared to dial the adrenaline up in Forza Motorsports 5. Get ready to drive over 100 cars over 17 original tracks +10 exclusive cars available through the Top Gear pack also awarded for the Xbox Live Gold members on first of September!
  • Hydro Thunder Hurricane (XBOX 360)
    Race your speedboats through insane scenario in Hydro Thunder Hurricane! Get ready to experience top speed racing over dozens of different tracks in multiple different gameplay modes as you hone your skills and dominate your friends in this local and online multiplayer high-speed racing arcade game!
  • Oxenfree (XBOX One)
    Next up we have OXENFREE. A a well written narrative game where you get to experience the paranormal as a late night turns weird after you’ve accidentally set supernatural forces free. Every choice you make will directly impact everyone involved leading you to one of many endings that this game allows you to experience. Which one will you get?
  • Battlefield (XBOX 360)
    Get ready for some carnage and destruction on September 16th in Battlefield 3! There is nonstop, heart pounding action in this already made classic first-person shooter game. Play through story driven single player missions or engage in huge scale multiplayer battles as you compete for dominance with other players from all around the world! If you’ve never played a battlefield game before, or you’ve been aching to experience the previous games


How to reddem XBOX Live Gold Membership Games?


All you have to do to gain access to these games is to have an active subscription on your Xbox account. You can subscribe by going to your and clicking on the “GOLD” icon on your XBOX ONE, XBOX 360 or even from a web browser by going to the official Xbox website.

You don’t have to do anything specific as your games will automatically appear in your ready to install section of your Xbox library.

You can choose to install one or all of them. If you don’t like a specific game or you think you wouldn’t enjoy it, you don’t have to install it but you’ll be allowed to keep it in case that you change your mind later.

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